Public Education

WLTFD is involved in a number of educational programs within the community of White Lake Township. 

We currently visit the five elementary schools within White Lake twice per year. These school visits include education on how children should react when a smoke detector activates, what a meeting place is, and defines a fire action plan. 

School visits also include fun interactive games that allow the children to experience some of the challenges experienced by firefighters. White Lake Fire Department participates in, "Safety Days" these are fun interactive events designed for children to learn safe practices and are hosted by various local businesses within our community.

WLTFD is available for fire station tours. These tours give children, parents, and groups an opportunity to experience a fire station first hand. During the tour, groups can expect to have the opportunity to spray water from a hand line, tour the fire trucks, and activate the air horn and sirens.

Finally, WLTFD is available to visit preschools and daycare centers within the community of White Lake Township upon request.

For further information regarding our educational outreach programs please contact:

Engineer Russ Wrijil: (248) 698-3335 ph

or email him at:

FEMA Kids Educational Site

USFA Kids Educational Site

Smokey the Bear

Ask a Firefighter

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