Burn Permit

Burn Permit Reminder

State law and the White Lake Township "Fire Prevention Code" as adopted by ordinance 122 regulate open burning within the Charter Township of White Lake.

The burning of leaves and grass clippings are specifically prohibited in White Lake Township by both the local ordinance and state law (see excerpt below)

Violation of the "Fire Prevention Code" is a misdemeanor punishable by fine and/or up to 93 days in jail


Act 451 of 1994

324.11522 Open burning of grass clippings or leaves.

Sec. 11522. (1) Beginning on March 28, 1995, the open burning of grass clippings or leaves, or both, is prohibited in any municipality having a population of 7,500 or more, unless specifically authorized by local ordinance, which ordinance shall be reported to the department of natural resources within 30 days of enactment.

Burn permits may be obtained by Clicking Here

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