Fire Inspection

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Fire Investigation

Fire or explosion investigation is a complex endeavor involving skill, technology, knowledge, and science.

Why Investigate Fires

A fire of accidental or intentional cause needs to be identified so that dangerous practices can be eliminated, defected products can be identified and removed from service, or the person responsible for intentionally and willfully setting a fire can be intercepted, thereby preventing further danger to the community.

Fire Inspection

Fire prevention is the single most important non-emergency activity performed by the fire service. It is easier and safer to prevent a fire than to manage a fire scene.

The fire inspector helps to educate business owners, occupants, and residents in order to empower them to control hazards and use fire safe practices within their occupancies.

The fire inspector must understand how fires start and spread in order to recognize fire hazards and there potential consequences. Other aspects of fire inspection are; building plan review, and fire safety consultations.

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